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"With such a title, one can't help but pick up W.O K s WWWW, and delve into the art and life of this eccentric artist. A more engaging, delightful, encouraging, endorsing promotion of his art W.O K could not have. The reader/viewer is drawn in by the unique art itself, paintings of the mostly Modigliani-esque women, presented in high quality photos. Set effectively on a black background, the photos make each page artistic in itself. It doesn t take much text for us to see how talented, prolific and indeed wacky the artist is. Not that he needs more attention in Beacon Hill (or so it seems), but with such a book, this charismatic artist is a real fixture and tourist draw on Newbury Street. This is a delightful book. And most effective PR: I look forward to a trip to this Newbury studio someday to see this imaginative artist and his work myself. The alliteration per the catchy tongue twisting title works well."

-Writers Digest 15th International Book Awards


"DIAMOND FINDS! Diamonds Are Waiting For You, by James R. Holland of Boston offers inspiration to all of those who seek diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro. The writer, and former reporter/photographer for the Associated Press and United Press International, has laid out an entertaining read about a family vacation in 1990 complete with great photographs. It was one of three trips he and his wife and three children took to Arkansas to dig for diamonds. They may not have found any diamonds, but they had a good time, and made memories that will last a lifetime."

-John Lovett, The Sentinel-Record, Hot Springs, Arkansas OCT 15, 2007

"DIAMONDS ARE WAITING FOR YOU:Crater of Diamonds is about one of the really unique places we have here in Arkansas. One of the things that makes the book such a cool combination of styles is that you combined #1, great photography with #2, some fun story-telling...the book is filled with great photography, filled with great stories. I loved it."

-Tom Wood, KMJX Clear Channel Radio 30-min Interview, Little Rock, AR. AUG 8, 2007


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