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Politics: Puns & Parody by James R. Holland
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Hardcover,  8”x11”, 66 pages, four color — Satire

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            This book contains a collection of political cartoons and parodies of politicians that were done with a camera rather than the more traditional tools of brush and paint or pen and ink. This particular method of using a camera to create political cartoons is unique and apparently has not been done in the long history of photography. Unlike changing photographs through the use of PhotoShop or cutting and pasting as an after-effects manipulation process, these editorial cartoons were visualized and set up before any exposures were made. They are deliberately simple in design and not meant to look like actual news scenes, but political cartoons or obvious parodies. They are related more to the realm of puppet shows, department store window display art and the world of the theater than to photography.
            All humans sometimes say dumb things. Since politicians tend to talk more than most people, all of them say and do some rather thoughtless things. For better or worse, the silly things they say often end up being remembered, recorded, videotaped and repeated by the media and/or individual members of the public.
            It’s getting increasingly difficult for politicians to say one thing at one event and then something entirely different at another event. It’s important for our elected leaders to know that foolish talk or absurd promises will be recorded for history to judge the truth of the political promises verses the politician’s actual actions. In some cases their absurd actions or promises will get them laughed at, satirized and ridiculed for all time.
            This is a continuing project. Most of these political cartoons were originally published individually on the Internet as part of political commentary. This selection has been brought together to make a short, hardback book. It will eventually be released as an E-book as well. Because the artist wanted to maintain a fair and balanced collection of both major political parties, the book temporarily ended until some new political leaders emerge. When those new leaders start saying and doing ridiculous things, the political cartoons will continue to be released individually on the Internet.
           They are the latest work of a Boston Photo-Diarist who has been referred to as a “Visionary” by fellow photographers and in some of the photographic media’s most prestigious publications.

            The much less expensive E-Book Edition will be made available soon.

JR Holland at Fort in LibyaAuthor's Profile:

James R. Holland is a Boston Photo-Diarist. A former photographer intern and later contract photographer for National Geographic, Mr. Holland has published photographs and articles in major magazines, textbooks, encyclopedias and video games. His work has been included in many traveling photographic exhibitions. He is also a former film and video producer for the Christian Science Center in Boston. His film work has appeared on most major networks and many cable channels. He is the author-photographer of several books including The Amazon, Mr. Pops (about Arthur Fiedler) and Tanglewood as well as Diamonds Are Waiting For You, Klan Rally, Fisheyes, and Santa's Elves Revolt. He is an avid amateur art and photography collector.

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