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KLAN RALLY : A Photographic Essay by James R. Holland
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Winner of numerous awards in USA Book News' "BEST BOOKS 2007", Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Eric Hoffer Excellence in Independent Publishing Awards and Indie Excellence Book Awards

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For nearly fifty years after they were made, the negatives for these extraordinary photographs sat forgotten and gathering dust on the back shelves in closets on both coasts of the country. Most of the 250 black and white images had never been printed or seen by anyone other than the original photographer. On the afternoon and two evenings when these pictures were taken, the Ku Klux Klan and their rivals the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Klan’s birth. The Klan’s membership having dwindled to practically nothing, both branches of the KKK decided to hold public recruiting rallies around the country in hopes of attracting attention and increasing their membership rolls. The two public rallies portrayed in this collection of photographs took place in southwest Ohio, near Cincinnati. The twenty-one year old photojournalist that took the photos was a student at Ohio University. Since he was studying to become a professional press photographer when he happened to notice the towering cross and billboard-sized signs advertising the public KKK Rally at the side of the Interstate Highway, he decided to attend and see if the event produced any interesting photographs that he could use for his college class assignments. The pictures were fascinating, but after using a few for his journalism classes and a couple of photography contests, the negatives were placed in a drawer and forgotten. During the following half-century, the KKK continued to decline in importance and the pictures took on a kind of historic interest that only the passage of time permits. While working on a memoir the photographer came across the dissolving Kodak boxes containing the negatives and some proof sheets. Looking at the material with a fresh viewpoint, it was obvious that the pictures had acquired a certain historical significance. After making the first set of proofs of every image in the coverage, the best 100 images were narrowed down to fit into this fascinating book-length photographic essay. Here is what went on at two different KKK Recruitment Rallies celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the founding of the movement. Come, mix with the robed Klan members, undercover and uniformed police, nearby farmers, the news media, and just plain curious folks who had seen the signs and overcame their personal fears to stop and investigate what seemed and was a surreal, out-of-this-time event.

KLAN RALLY: A Photographic Essay
is a photographic art book as well as a social history textbook of the USA. It is available in both hardback and soft cover. The format is 8 and 1/2 by 11 inches in size. The photographs are printed on high quality 100 lb acid- free paper stock and the book is 64-pages in length.

KLAN RALLY won five awards in National book competitions during 2008 and 2009. They include the winning book in two categories of the Best Books 2008 sponsored by BOOK NEWS/USA. Those awards were for best book "History: United States" and best book "Photography." In 2009 it was also awarded a Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Competition in the Art Category. It won two more finalist awards in the "Best Cover Design Non Fiction" and "Photography" categories in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

JR Holland in 1965 at Ohio UAuthor's Profile:

James R. Holland is a Boston Photo-Diarist. A former photographer intern and later contract photographer for National Geographic, Mr. Holland has published photographs and articles in major magazines, textbooks, encyclopedias and video games. His work has been included in many traveling photographic exhibitions. He is also a former film and video producer for the Christian Science Center in Boston. His film work has appeared on most major networks and many cable channels. He is the author-photographer of several books including The Amazon, Mr. Pops (about Arthur Fiedler) and Tanglewood as well as Diamonds Are Waiting For You and a memoir, Adventure Photographer. He is an avid amateur art and photography collector.

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