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Fisheyes by James R. Holland
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This sixty-six page hardcover book contains over 50 fish-eye photographs taken over a period of 42 years. All of the images were shot on film and include both black and white and color photographs. The photographer's fascination with fisheye lens photography was the natural extension of a series he had done previously using pinhole cameras. Both unusual methods produce similar rounded images with incredible depth of field, but the fisheyes display superior sharpness. Some of the more prominent personalities featured include a young Edward 'Ted' Kennedy campaigning for a Massachusetts Senate seat, and renowned Boston Pops composer Arthur Fiedler at work and at home. Among the other subjects are the Trio tribe of the Amazon Basin and the Libyan Taurags deep in the Sahara Desert. Embark on a visual adventure and explore this collection of fantastic wide-angle photographs, most of which have never been published before.

In a letter to the author, photographer Jerry Uelsman shared his thoughts about some of the images in the book: "I really enjoyed seeing your amazing 'fisheye' images. They would
make a very interesting publication... The transformation of some of the architectural spaces is really fascinating...You are a wonderful photographer... I also found many of the images to have real social comment... With friendly thoughts for a fellow visionary, Jerry N. Uelsmann."

JR Holland in 1965 at Ohio UAuthor's Profile:

James R. Holland began his photography career as a contract photographer for National Geographic where he traveled the world and explored terrain to which few Americans had previously ventured. His award winning photographs have been regularly published in the media for nearly fifty years. He has also worked as a documentary film editor and producer. Mr. Holland has photographed and written many books including The Amazon, Mr. Pops, (about Boston Pops Maestro Arthur Fiedler), Tanglewood, W.O K's Weird Wacky Wonderful World: The Art of William O Keefe, Diamonds Are Waiting For You: Crater of Diamonds Where Dreams Can And Do Come True, Klan Rally, and Adventure Photographer. His hobbies include renovating historic Brownstones and practicing martial arts. He holds a black belt in Kenpo Karate and was for several years a Nationally Ranked Competitor in Forms, Sparing and Weapons. Through the decades, he has continued shooting using his fisheye lens and this collection contains many of his favorite shots.

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