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Adventure Photographer by James R. Holland
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Eric Hoffer Award

Winner of several book awards including: Eric Hoffer 2010 Award Winner, 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Book Awards Finalist in Action/Adventure Category, Finalist in Best Books 2009 USA Book News. The book was also the top prize winner in the Photography Category of the National Indie Excellence 2010 Book Awards.

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This is the mini-memoir of a journey from the Ozark Mountains to the Marble Halls of The National Geographic Society's headquarters in Washington, D.C. and beyond. The journey took place in the pre-digital photography revolution's Golden Age of magazine photojournalism. Growing up dreaming of becoming a “Life” magazine photographer, the author hopefully felt his way along an uncertain career path that would eventually take him to some of the most remote corners of the planet. From the moment he discovered photography through his years of working for the student and alumni publications of his high school, various colleges, and finally the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism, the author stubbornly followed his dream. His early professional experience involved photographing babies, weddings, horse shows and amateur baseball teams. While working on his BFA at Ohio University he was a stringer for both United Press International and the Associated Press. His early feature stories dealt with subjects ranging from the Ku Klux Klan, The American Nazi Party, and famous authors to the Serpent Handlers of West Virginia. His big break came with a summer internship as a photographer for “National Geographic.” Later he became a contract photographer for that publication and his assignments included chasing bleeding ice bergs with the International Ice Patrol, working as a still photographer on a “National Geographic” television special about the Amazon River, and doing a coverage of Libya and the Great Libyan Desert in North Africa. He traveled to 23 different countries in just three years.

Come, travel along with the author on a dream-come-true adventure where real-life mini-adventures were the stuff of everyday life. See how a dream was turned into reality though hard work, perseverance and good luck.

JR Holland at Fort in LibyaAuthor's Profile:

James R. Holland is a Boston Photo-Diarist. A former photographer intern and later contract photographer for National Geographic, Mr. Holland has published photographs and articles in major magazines, textbooks, encyclopedias and video games. His work has been included in many traveling photographic exhibitions. He is also a former film and video producer for the Christian Science Center in Boston. His film work has appeared on most major networks and many cable channels. He is the author-photographer of several books including The Amazon, Mr. Pops (about Arthur Fiedler) and Tanglewood as well as Diamonds Are Waiting For You, Klan Rally, Fisheyes, and Santa's Elves Revolt. He is an avid amateur art and photography collector.

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